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DNA Mills - Vitalize 100ml

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Mills Vitalize is the plant booster in the Mills range and it works in many ways to help get the most out of plants. One of the main ingredients is mono-silicic acid, which is silicon in a highly available form. This vital element strengthens the plants in all areas from stem rigidity to hard fruits. The plants themselves will be much stronger and able to support a heavy harvest. Anyone that has had a plant snap under the weight of fruit will tell you how important that is! The fruit themselves will be firmer and denser with better resistance to disease and insect attack. Not only that but after harvest they will have a better shelf life.

The list of benefits that Mills Vitalize imparts is very impressive. This one additive will increase BRIX levels, increase disease resistance, assist and improve nutrient uptake, strengthen cells and reduce perspiration (water loss through the leaves). Vitalize is suitable for use on any substrate from soil and coco to hydroponic media such as rockwool and clay pebbles. It is also great in use alongside any other nutrient regime or you can use it as a foliar spray.

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