Acoustic Insulated Ducting 5 Meter Length

Size: 100m/4"


  •  Reduces noise from air movement to a minimum
  • Dual foil layer further prevents any issues with air leakages
  • Avoids surface condensation from temperature differences between air sources
  • Gives further peace of mind for both sound and smell
  • Available in different lengths for ease of installation
  • Relatively cheap and easy way to lower decibels from an extraction system

Do you get frustrated by the noise from a constant rush of air through a hydroponic extraction system? We certainly do, it’s one of the background noises we can all agree that we would rather do without. Acoustically insulated ducting is the ideal way to further reduce any unwanted noise from the air movement through the extraction system in your hydroponic grow room. Whether you already have acoustic box fans (or other silent fan variations) and want to ensure they stay true to their name, or have a more standard extract fan that you think could benefit from a bit of noise reduction, this is the ideal product for the job.

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