BAC - Final Solution 120ml



Bac Final Solution 120ml

Final Solution 120ml
Final Solution is apart of the BAC Stimulator range that is an extreme biological activator of beneficial microorganisms that free the medium of nutrient antagonisms, i.e. waste salts, chlorine in water and decaying organic material. In doing this, the plant is free to uptake more nutrient in the solution, especially in the latter part of the bloom cycle where the plant needs more phosphorous and definitely more potassium in order for the plant to produce more of the largest, more dense, aromatic, colourful flowers and tastier fruits that people WILL DEFINITELY REMEMBER!
Interesting fact about the Final Solution that it is used in the field of Bio-Remediation to rid water of crude oil and other industrial contaminants that have polluted major waterways in South America. Used by Executive Stable managers to keep communal horse livery’s in Northern European stables free of disease that can infect the horses due to the slow breakdown of horse manure, especially in winter where any number horses are housed permanently in fairly confined area. A mixture water and Final Solution is sprayed into the atmosphere in the stable invariably it lands on the manure and due to accelerated  breakdown there is no smell, no flies and no disease.
Remember No other enzyme products with the final solution as there will a detrimental influence on the plants due to pH increase in the root zone. Meaning any other product with the word ZYME in it. This does not include BAC Root or Bloom Stimulator.
_6 ml per 10 litres- when activating BAC FUNKY FUNGI and BAC BIO PELLET to maximise colonisation of beneficial mycorrhizae in the top layer of the medium (soil or coco peat), also use with light nutrient solution E.C 0.6 to help activation.
– 6 ml per 10 litres- At the beginning of the bloom period to kick start biological activity so that beneficial microorganisms are stimulated to increase nutrient uptake.
- 6 ml per 10 litres- at the beginning of the week 5 help flush waste salts.
- 2ml per 10 litres on top of BAC Bloom Stimulator at 1ml per 10 litres during bloom period, using the BAC hybrid mineral/organic scheme. By doing this ensures faster breakdown of nutrients and even better nutrient uptake.

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