BAC - Organic Bloom

Size: 500ml


BAC plant food has been specially developed to meet all needs. Of your crop during the flowering cycle BAC works with high quality and easily absorbable organic fertilizers. By using the BAC Bloom Stimulator microorganisms are activated to ensure immediate availability of the necessary elements from BAC bloom nutrients to your plants.

The balanced bloom nutrient your plants get what it really needs. This results in a faster and better development during the flowering phase. Especially the flower arrangement and final flowering will exuberant. Your plants will be combined with BAC bloom nutrients and BAC Bloom Stimulator more resistant against various diseases (pytium / fusarium), insects and pests (trips / red spider mite) and any climate errors by the grower. By using BAC Bloom Stimulator and administering BAC Fungi useful micro-organisms are highly encouraged. This results in an optimal balance in the soil of your plants. The end result of all this is a better taste, aroma and quality of your end product.

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