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Atami Bcuzz Soil Nutrition A&B is a powerful 2-part base nutrient, made for plants growing in soil substrates. The nutrient contains a special blend of natural and organic ingredients, which your plants can easily absorb. It's designed for the vegetative and blooming phases. With BCuzz Soil Nutrition A&B you'll set a strong foundation for extreme growth and explosive flowering. The professional products help stabilize the biological balance in the soil. The nutrient is suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivations. With Bcuzz Soil Nutrition A&B, you'll achieve massive growth and powerful crops.


General Information

  • Bcuzz Soil Nutrition A&B is a 2-part base nutrient;
  • Growers use the fertilizer during the vegetative and flowering stages;
  • The fertilizer is made for soil substrates;
  • The nutrient comprises high concentrations of natural elements. The NPK ratio of part A is 4-0-4. The NPK value of part B is 1-3-5.



  • Bcuzz Soil Nutrition A&B is a user-friendly fertilizer;
  • The formulas have increased solubility levels;
  • The products are made at the highest quality standards;
  • Suitable for use with other Atami boosters and supplements;
  • Improves your crops' immune system;
  • Promotes an increased production of essential oils, natural sugars, and terpenes;
  • Delivers larger and heavier flowers.


The Science

Atami Bcuzz Soil Nutrition A&B is a strong and optimized fertilizer suitable for the vegetative and blooming stages. The base fertilizer offers your plants all the nutrients needed for strong growth. The product ensures that your crops and healthy and strong during their entire lifecycle. For the best results, use the fertilizer in combination with Atami's root and bloom stimulators. You can use the fertilizer with any irrigation system and drip system.


How to Use

Use Bcuzz Soil Nutrition A&B with plants growing in soil substrates from the start of the vegetative phase up to the flush. Use the nutrient at the recommended rate of between 1 and 3 ml/L. Use both parts in equal amounts.


Best Practices

Atami Bcuzz Soil Nutrition A&B is a 2-part base nutrient made for the entire growth cycle of your plants. Add part A and part B in equal quantities to your water reservoir and mix well. Don't add both parts in concentrated form. First, add Bcuzz Soil Nutrition part A and mix. Then, add Bcuzz Soil Nutrition part B and stir well. Store the products in a dark and safe area, away from children's reach. Wear protective gloves whenever you're handling the formulas. Avoid contact with your eyes and your skin. Rinse instantly in case of such contact.

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