Biobizz - Bio Bloom

Size: 500ml



Drive growth organically with Biobizz Nutrients. They work with the microbes in your media.

The BioBizz range has a total of 7 organic certifications worldwide.

Biobizz Bio-Grow

It’s a concentrated carbohydrate - the source of Biobizz’s sweet signature taste. 

It’s derived from 100% Dutch organic sugar beet extract (mostly molasses). 

All those natural sugars feed the beneficial bacteria in your rootzone, from start to flush. They also enhance taste & aroma in flowering - for best results, continue using Grow throughout Bloom.

To further power growth & photosynthesis, Bio-Grow is packed with Nitrogen, Potassium & Betaine.

  • Nourishes beneficial bacterial flora in media
  • Improves taste & aroma in flowering
  • Vitamin rich with 70+ trace elements
  • Enhances photosynthesis & growth (high in Nitrogen, potassium & Betaine)
  • NPK: 4-3-6

Biobizz Bio-Bloom

Accelerate ripening & get extra flowering sites - use Bio-Bloom alongside Bio-Grow in flowering.

It’s a unique blend of vegetable extracts, algae, enzymes & plant-based hormones that really promotes flowering.  It’s so rich in Phosphorus & Potassium that you can use it as a PK booster.

Biobizz Bio-Bloom has been proven to significantly boost the number of flowering sites and improve fruit & flower formation

  • Get extra flowering sites
  • Improves fruit & flower formation
  • Accelerates ripening
  • Acts as strong PK booster (rich in Potassium & Phosphorus)
  • Lasts in tank 2 -3 days
  • NPK: 2-7-4


Biobizz has 6 different organic certifications worldwide!

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