Canna - Aqua Clay Pebbles

Size: 45 Litre


Canna Aqua Clay pebbles are small balls of clay that have a honeycombed centre to reduce their weight. Clay pebbles are very popular in hydroponic and pot growing as they can be used in a variety of systems and will not retain too much moisture. Hydroton clay pebbles are primarily used to:

1. Fill Flood and Drain systems planter tables. Clay Pebbles are great for flood and drain because they retain enough water from each flood to last until the next flood cycle but do not get soaking wet enabling plant roots to thrive in them.

2. As a mixing material when growing in pots with COCO. Using clay pebbles with COCO enables better aeration and prevents the COCO from compacting down as much. To use clay pebbles with COCO put a one inch base of pebbles in the bottom of each pot and mix the pebbles into the COCO before potting on at a ratio of 10% to 30%. You can even top the pot off with a layer of pebbles to stop algae growth.

3. As a growing medium in free flow dripper systems such as the Wilma systems. When using pebbles as a standalone growing medium you need to make sure the pebbles never go dry so you use flood stake drippers which put out a lot of water and you feed them quite often maybe as much as 24 times a day.

When using clay pebbles always wash them thoroughly first to remove as much clay dust from them as possible. Take the bag of pebbles, pierce the bottom and leave water running through it for 15 to 30 minutes. Clay dust will not dramatically affect your plants but it will have a slightly detrimental effect and can break pumps and make a mess of your equipment.

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