Canna - Terra Professional Plus 50L



Canna Terra Professional Plus is a pure potting mix soil that’s composed of the finest quality white peat moss and organic tree bark. The peat moss allows for lots of aeration at the root zone and the tree bark used has an antiseptic action to help protect the roots of your plants. The result is a great performing soil that’s primed to promote root development and boost the growth of your plants.

This soil is ideal for organic growers and contains trace elements and chelates which help protect the plants during growth and prime the root zone for optimum nutrient uptake.

It’s also perfect for those growers who like to take full control of delivering nutrients during the vegetative stage, as apart from the trace elements; there is little nutrient content in Canna Terra Professional Plus, allowing for growers to tailor their feeding schedules as they please.

Terra Professional Plus is PH-adjusted and has a lime charge large enough to last for an entire growth cycle of practically any plant. It also carries a mineral-nutrient starter charge that adjusts the initial level of nutrients in the soil up to a level primed to work perfectly with the Canna Terra line of nutrients.

That being said, Canna Terra Professional Plus is tailored for the experienced grower who likes to take control of the feeding cycle from the first week or two of vegetative growth. Although it is primed for use with Canna Terra nutrients, other nutrients will also work well. For the organic grower, we recommend using the great, fully certified BioBizz range of nutrients and additives.

Key features of Canna Terra Professional Plus include:

  • Combines airy moss with specific tree bark for great aeration
  • Primed with trace elements and chelates to boost nutrient uptake and root development
  • Little immediately available nutrients to allow growers to tailor their feeding program from the start

Terra Professional Plus is a great soil that can be utilised by all growers. However, we’d recommend less experienced growers to choose a soil already primed with nutrients for easier cultivation. For the more advanced grower, this soil will give you all you need to grow your plants your way.

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