Dutch Pro - Hydro Grow

Size: 1 Litre


Complete grow feed purposely designed for hydro/coco. Our soft water-auto flower formulations are designed for those who grow in soft water areas (water that contains less than 100 mg/l of calcium carbonate) and use auto flowering plants. This product has all of the essential macro- and micro growth nutrients necessary that is needed for exuberant growth. The high-quality components will completely be absorbed and leave no residue behind.

Extra Info:

Plants take up essential elements from the air and light, but also from the nutrients in the soil. The roots and leaves from a plant are the major components to take up these elements. It is essential that plants not only get sufficient nutrients but also in the appropriate ratio. This is to prevent nutrient deficiency or toxicity (when a plant gets too much nutrients) and to stimulate maximum growth and health.

During the grow phase a plant is at its most vulnerable. Fungi- and bacteria related diseases are a real threat to the underdeveloped roots and leaves. To help a plant develop during the grow phase a right mix of potassium, nitrogen and phosphor is needed to support maximum growth rate. This will make and keep the plant vital and strong throughout the grow phase.

Auto flowering plants grow in constant light and should not require any changes to the set up to start the flowering process. Original Grow Hydro/Cocos A+B Soft Water Auto Flower is a perfectly mixed two component nutrient, that contains potassium, nitrogen and phosphor to stimulate maximum growth and prevent diseases. Original Grow Hydro/Cocos A+B Soft Water Auto Flower is also optimised to reach EC-levels of 1,8 – 2,0 (it is possible to deviate) to get an even better result!


N-P-K 4-2-6

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