Crazy Hills - Elan 1L (Organic Plant Booster)



CRAZY HILLS ÉLAN - organic Plant Booster

The ÉLAN blend of fulvic and humic acid is a Perfect Pair because it boosts enzymes to help the plant absorb nutrients, while also containing Amino Acids which are essential for healthy development. It's topped with - what else?- Arctic seaweed packed full o' trace elements!

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You can give your plant a boost by feeding it élan during the growing and flowering stages. The extra sugar in its fruit will result in bigger, sweeter flowers that are filled with THC! It also helps plants respond well when they're under stress because of strong defense system activated naturally from this powerful nutrient solution made just for them - crazy stuff!!

The easy-to use, waterable ÉLAN formula is designed for indoor or outdoor cultivation of all types plants including flowers fruit herbs ornamental veggies hemp medical crops grown in garden soils potting soil soilless media hydroponics systems. Use it at least once per week and begin application within first week after transplanting - this ensures high yields!

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