Crop Guard - BR Bud Buddy 250ml (Bud Rot)



Crop Guard - Bud Buddy BR 250ml

Keeping your flower-buds healthy can be difficult, particularly when your flower-buds have become large and dense. Crop Guard Bud Buddy BR helps to combat the main problem that can arise under these conditions.

How Bud Buddy BR Works

Crop Guard Bud Buddy BR is a concentrate of natural substances that helps to keep large and dense flower clusters healthy. Bud Buddy helps to prevent crop damage before you have your harvest. Crop Guard Bud Buddy BR also contains foliar nutrients, vitamins, minerals and amino acids for even bigger buds and flowers of superior quality. Crop Guard Bud Buddy BR is used diluted as a spray making it great value-for-money. During high humidity, even Bud Buddy BR will struggle to help with a certain type of crop damage so it is important to try to reduce humidity first. Please give our shop a call for more advice about this product and the type of help it can give.

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