CX Canadian Xpress - Regen A Root

Size: 1 Litre



Stop root diseases from ruining your crop with Regen-a-Root. Regen-a-root keeps your plants roots healthy and also helps your plant to fight off an existing infection. Highly recommended product.

How Regen-a-Root works

Plant roots are constantly exposed to the microbes like Pythium that cause root-rot. Plants that are growing strongly can usually fight off the effects of these diseases. However, during stressful situations, like flowering, plants are less able to combat these diseases. Regen-a-root contains substances similar to those made by plants themselves to combat root-rot. Using Regen-a-root at these times will keep your plant's roots free of disease so that it can concentrate its energy on the flowering process, leading to an uncompromised crop. Using Regen-a-root in combination with Wilt Guard will give even better protection. Excellent product and highly recommended by us at the One Stop Grow Shop.

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