CX Canadian Xpress - Spotless

Size: 20ml


CX Horticulture – Spotless Concentrate

This foliar spray will clean your plants and prevent leaf spots or rust. This is a natural product and will not damage, stall, or suffocate your plants. It will also clean your plants dust and residues. Spotless Concentrate is also a way to solve any plant problems involving spider mites.

Benefits on using CX Horticulture Spotless Concentrate

  • Gets rid of leaf spots and rust.
  • Maintains plant health.
  • Keeps plants clean.
  • Fast acting.
  • Extremely effective.
  • Cost effective.
  • Natural ingredient formula.
  • Different sizes available.

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How to apply CX Horticulture Spotless Concentrate

This product can be used on any plants grown in substrate and in any kind of grow system.

Do not use this product on seedlings or unrooted cuttings.

Shake the bottle before use.

Add Spotless Concentrate at a rate of 20ml/litre and mix well.

Use a spray gun and spray the product onto the plant form top to bottom.

Repeat this 3 days later. 

After one week add a final treatment.

*NOTE* only spray this product in low light conditions. We recommend using when your grow lamp has just gone out at the beginning of the dark period. Ensure none of this product comes into contact with your grow lamp.

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