Dutch Pro - Explode

Size: 250ml


Dutch Pro - Explode

Everyone seems to be talking about it, and for a very good reason - Dutch Pro Explode causes explosive flowering and fruiting! Dutch Pro Explode is a superb all-in-one bloom stimulator & booster which means it contains a wealth of ingredients which stimulate incredible flower production and it also contains all the extra phosphorous & potassium (PK), vitamins, micronutrients, carbs and acids that your plants need to help get them through the vastly increased flower production process. Dutch Pro explode gives plants an explosive hardening of the tops and increases their resistance to disease. You really couldn't ask any more from one bottle of liquid!

Dutch Pro produces some of the highest quality and abundantly producing plants that you'll find anywhere, and the fact that they have spent the money on what's inside the bottle rather than on fancy packaging means that they're great value-for-money too. It’s no wonder that Dutch Pro are becoming so popular!

How Dutch Pro - Explode Works

Dutch Pro Explode is used as soon as plants begin showing flowers or fruits. Dutch Pro Explode contains a mixture of special ingredients to stimulate greatly increased flower production. Dutch Pro Explode also contains all the extra PK, micronutrients, vitamins and acids that plants need to fuel all the extra growth. Towards the end of flowering/fruiting, Dutch Pro Explode causes an explosive hardening of the tops and an increase in aromatic essential oils.

Dutch Pro Explode is an all-in-one bloom stimulator and booster - no other boosters or additives are needed.

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