FHD Future Harvest - Ton-O-Bud Liquid

Size: 500ml


Ton O Bud is one of the best selling, if not the best selling, additive in Future Harvest’s extensive additives range!

It is globally recognized and has a proven reputation as one of the most powerful plant enhancing additives on the market.

Ton O Bud is a concentrated P-K (phosphorous and potassium) additive designed to pack bulk onto flowers and fruits during the middle stages of the flowering cycle.

The benefits are plain and simple: higher end yields, drastically increased flower set (meaning more flowers are present), tighter and more compact density, and all without compromising quality and flavour!

Does not significantly add to EC levels unlike most P-K products.
Works alongside, and in addition to, all industry leading manufacturer feed schedules.
Produces rapid and visible results.
Works for all grow media and methods.
Tried and tested worldwide.

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