Flying Skull - Z7 2 Part Enzyme Cleaner

Size: 250ml


What is Z7?

Z7 is a super concentrated, two-part, commercial enzymatic cleanser. For best results, use Z7 at every watering/feeding. If using a reservoir, be sure to reapply Z7 every 3 days to maximize the enzymes' effectiveness.

• Compatible with any plant nutrient line, organic or synthetic!

• Probiotic formula won’t harm beneficial microbes in your growing medium.

• Keeps roots healthy by eliminating unhealthy salt build up on the roots and in the growing medium.

• Eliminates the need for harmful chemicals like chlorine and hydrogen peroxide.

• Keeps irrigation equipment like sprayers, irrigation pipes/tubing, pumps, and reservoirs clean and working efficiently.

• Reduces maintenance costs by keeping equipment clean.

• Eliminates plant death from plugged sprayers/drip irrigation.

• Super concentrated and economical; It only costs 2.5 cents per gallon of treated water (calculated using the MSRP).

• Safe to use – skin safe!

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