FRESHHH Air Freshener Sprayer 750ml

Scent:: Candy Blast


The Freshhh! Odour Neutralisers give you the means to get an odour free grow room with just one spray! Stubborn and pungent odours in grow rooms, and surrounding areas can be really frustrating and difficult to remove. The complex organic odour molecules in Freshhh! fragrances neutralise odours, rather than masking them, making unwanted smells from the environment a thing of the past.

Long-lasting and suitable for use in any room, Freshhh! is available in 750ml spray cans and comes in three different scents so you can pick your favourite: Crantastic, Crisp 'N' Clean, Mint Blast & Candy Blast.

Deodorises stubborn and pungent odours with one good blast
Neutralises rather than masks odours
Long-lasting and suitable for use in any room

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