Grotek - Blossom Blaster Powder

Size: 20g


Grotek's Blossom Blaster fertilizer is the king of fertilizers because of its high mineral content, such as phosphorus, which allows flowers to grow faster and more abundantly. It can be used in all types of crops.

Each marijuana grower has his tricks and hobbies, as well as his preferred products to use in each vegetative period of his plants. In this case, Grotek's Blossom Blaster is one of those favorite products of marijuana growers par excellence.

Why is that?

Firstly, because it can be used in all types of crops, both hydroponics, soil and coconut. This allows you to avoid having to buy multiple products if you usually use different methods of growing cannabis, so you may save money. Of course, it is compatible with other flowering fertilizers.

But, in addition, and secondly, this saving is also noticeable in time. Blossom Blaster is a product rich in minerals, in particular phosphorus and potassium, which makes your plants grow faster on the one hand, and instead of growing vertically, do it horizontally, thus multiplying the number of flowers and, therefore, the yield.

The plants show great quality when Blossom Blaster is used during the flowering period, as well as large size. In short, what any cannabis grower looks for in any of his crops.

Regarding its way of use, it is recommended to add 0.1 grams of Blossom Blaster per liter of irrigation water once a week during the first half of the flowering phase. If you want to multiply those results, you can use Blossom Blaster combined with Monster Bloom also by Grotek Company.

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