Grotek - Impact Bloom A&B

Size: 500ml


Grotek Impact Bloom is a bloom fertilizer that can be used in any growing medium, soil, coco and soiless mediums, always with good results.
Thanks to the 2-part formula, Impact Bloom A+B improves flower developement, bud's density, besides sourcing the best specific micronutrients best ratios for flowering stage of plants.
For a proper application of Impact Bloom A+B it is essential to add to the reservoir the same amount of part A and part B, adapting the dose of product to the certain stage of plants. The application dose vary from 0,5 to 2 ml/L, depending on the size and flower development of plants you should adapt the exact dose of Impact Bloom. To assure the correct dose is used it will be always better to check with your ppm meter the EC levels of your nutrient solution.
Impact Bloom contains all essential nutrients, in optimized ratios to enhance a flower formation, size and density. Impact Bloom is developed for its use in hydroponics, and soilless mediums, but can be used in any growing medium with great results.

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