Grotek - Impact Grow A&B

Size: 500ml


Grotek Impact Grow A+B

Grotek Impact Grow is a 2-part fertiliser specifically for the vegetative stage of plant growth in Hydroponic systems (including the use of coco growing medium) resulting in vigorous growth and healthy plants free from deficiencies. 

  • Impact Grow A+B is a competent, quality product that contains slightly different micro and macro-nutrient amounts than found in Grotek's Solo-Tek Grow.
  • It contains the exact perfect amount of nutrients that your plants need during the growth period.
  • As soon as you start using it you'll notice your plants producing many more branches which is due to new node growth. They'll also begin to produce denser foliage, turning a vigorous and lively green color; this two-part product can be used to get your plants to an impressive size and health and as strong as possible.

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