Grotek Organic Green Line - Micro Power

Size: 500ml


Micro Power Organic
Micro Power by Grotek Organics is an organic fertilizer that mainly contains micronutrients reinforced with potassium and magnesium, making it perfect for enriching even the poorest of soils, allowing you to successfully grow your plants.

When growing organically and indoors, plants typically begin showing nutrient deficiencies as it’s quite hard to get it right, and this can obviously stunt your plants’ growth. If you enrich your plants’ soil with Micro power, you’ll be able to give them all of the nutrients they need to grow healthily and efficiently.

If you’re re-using soil or using different substrates we recommend adding in a dosage of this product to the substrate, enriching the soil and allowing your plants to grow in a fertile medium where it’ll be able to grow to the best of its abilities.

Dosage and how to use:

In order to avoid deficiencies in your plants, add 1ml/L of water once a week during the growth period.
In order to revitalize re-used soil, mixed soil or an inert medium, wet the water thoroughly by using a 2ml/L mixture and then continue with 1ml/L dosages during the rest of the growth period.

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