Grotek Organic Green Line - Synergy

Size: 140g


Synergy is a water-soluble powder that contains fungi that helps plants achieve explosive root development and overall growth all the way to harvest.

Arbucular Mycorrhizal Fungi (AMF) stimulates growth and productivity in the majority of plants on our planet and they also directly help improve soil conditions.

Key features:

A mycorrhizae that works with fertilizers Industry leading colonization
Directly impacts plant growth and yield

A closer look:
The variety of mycorrhizae found in Synergy is particularly effective in intensive agriculture when using fertilizers.

Not all Mycorrhizae have constant positive results with crops. This is due to a lack of colonization, which can be impacted by the use of any fertilizer.

This particular strain adapts to and tolerates saline (EC) environments found in intensive agriculture far better than glomus intraradices and glomus mosseae.

Under these conditions, Synergy shines with rapid colonization and improved impact on plants and soil structures.

Directions for use:

Transplant – Add 1g per 4L of potting soil. Apply 5 days after transplant. Mixing potting soil with Grotek Organics Black Pearl can increase benefits.

Root Drench – Add 1g per 4L of potting soil. Apply every 10-14 days until harvest (ensures high contact as roots grow).

When used outdoors in true soil, apply 1.5kg/acre (3kg/Ha) a few days after transplant and again 2-3 times during the growing season.

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