House & Garden - Amino Treatment

Size: 250ml


House & Garden Amino Treatment 

Amino Treatment has recently joined the outstanding group of House & Garden Boosters. House & Garden Amino Treatment contains amino acids and other powerful ingredients to encourage vigorous root development, vegetative growth and fruit/flower production. Excellent product.


How House & Garden Amino Treatment Works

House & Garden Amino Treatment is part of the House & Garden special range of exceptional boosters. Amino Treatment includes various top quality ingredients to improve almost every aspect of a plant's vegetative and early flowering stages. Amino Treatment contains high quality amino acids which are the building blocks of plant tissue. Because of this and other ingredients, Amino Treatment will improve chlorophyll production and concentration thereby increasing the rate of photosynthesis. Increased photosynthesis means a more vigorous plant and therefore increased yields. Amino Treatment also includes a pH stabiliser which will help keep your nutrient tank at the correct pH level. Bigger root systems, stronger stems, faster growing plants, greener leaves and increased yields are some of the great things you can expect to see when you start using House & Garden Amino Treatment.

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