House & Garden - Top Shooter

Size: 250ml


Piles on Weight During the Final Stages!

House & Garden Top Shooter is the industry’s leading flowering stimulator for use in the final 3 weeks. Top Shooter provides you with insane yields and high-weighting crops, giving you everything you need during those final few weeks of flowering.


How House & Garden Top Shooter Works

House & Garden Top Shooter is a strong booster for use in the final 3-weeks before harvest. Top Shooter contains a special formulation of Phosphorous and Potassium (PK) which causes the plant to grow a new layer of growth over existing fruit when normally the plant is into its maturation stage. Top Shooter also adds weight and density to the existing fruit without causing any degradation in quality or aroma.

Used as directed and in combination with House & Garden base nutrients, Top Shooter will amaze you with the increases in yield.

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