Hesi - Smell Away Block

Size: 3 x 10g


Hesi Smell Away is an alternative odour control to gels. It is a multi farious product that creates a dry vapour that neutralizes bad smells. Hesi Smell away uses a blend of essential oils soaked in a fabric pad that can be placed inside filters or ducting or strung up wherever needed. They come in pot containing multiple pads that can be placed in different places around the grow room. This allows them to work over a greater area, so increasing their effectiveness.

How does Hesi Smell Away work?

Many poor quality air fresheners and odour neutralizers only cover up smells. Hesi Smell Away is a unique blend of oils that work to break down odour molecules into smaller parts. As it is the specific structure of molecules that give them their particular smell, changing their nature destroys them. Smell Away contains a high concentration of these essential oils so they will last long enough to make them good value! As they are so potent, it is a good idea to keep them away from easily damaged or stained materials.

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