Hydrotops - Hydro Grow A&B

Size: 1 litre


Hydrotops Grow is a two-part coco/hydroponic formula designed for the vegetative stage of a plant's life cycle. This balanced nutrient encourages large-scale branch development and abundant foliage, as well as promoting maximum nutrient uptake, as growth during this stage makes all the difference when it comes for to flowering. When combined with Hydrotops Top Heavy Crop, Hydrotops Grow creates even more flowering sites and boosts vigour, ready for final stages to come.

How Hydrotops Grow Works

Just like all Hydrotops products Hydrotops Grow has been developed to encourage maximum nutrient assimilation, meaning every last scrap of nutrition will be taken up by your plant. This extreme growth uptake during the vegetative phase creates large, green, lush plants with super strong branches, which will be required when heavy flowers start to form. Growers using Hydrotops Grow can also add Hydrotops Top Heavy Crop, in the vegetative stage of growth. By adding the Top Heavy Crop you will see an upsurge in vigour and tight node development, helping to shorten the vegetative cycle.

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