Hydrotops - Solo Bloom

Size: 1 Litre


Specifically Formulated for Rapid Flower Growth and Density

Hydrotops Solo Bloom is an organic, one-part formulation specifically made for use with soil or compost. Hydrotops Solo Bloom pays special attention to the nutritional balance supplied during this important stage in a plant's life cycle, ensuring that your plants are able to assimilate the correct balance of nutrients, vitamins and acids to produce large, dense, aromatic and flavourful flower sets.

How Hydrotops Solo Bloom Works

During the flowering phase, your emphasis shifts towards creating large flower sets and abundant essential oils. Hydrotops Solo Bloom is pH balanced and formulated to allow for maximum assimilation of nutrition required during the flowering period. With this heightened ability to consume all available nutrition so quickly and effectively, Hydrotops Solo Bloom helps your plants to produce heavy yielding flower sets and abundant aromatic oil production, leading to harvest of superior quality and quantity.

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