Hygrozyme Enzyme

Size: 500ml



Hygrozyme is a natural enzyme product which breaks down old roots into food for your plants while creating space for new roots to grow. Hygrozyme is completely unique in the way it is manufactured and it contains no living organisms. Use throughout your grow for a healthier root system and to prepare mediums to be re-used.

How Hygrozyme Works

Hygrozyme is an enzyme product like no other. It is created by an entirely unique fermentation process which produces a bacteria free product consisting of enzymes and amino-acid chains. The enzymes in Hygrozyme break down old roots and turn them into food for your plants. This makes space for new roots to grow into and creates a healthier root-zone. Though it is not certified as organic, Hygrozyme contains only natural ingredients and can be used very effectively as part of a natural feeding schedule. Because Hygrozyme contains no bacteria, the product has an almost unlimited shelf-life and can also be used with peroxide products. Highly recommended.

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