Indica - Afghan Nectar

Size: 250ml


Induce your flowering plants to massively increase the yield of resin production in your fruits by the addition of three key inputs;

1) high quality sugars, that act as ‘metabolic shortcuts’ replacing the need for photosynthesis to provide the building blocks for further metabolite production. This is critical during flowering when you want no obstruction to bioactive production, but at the same time you do not want masses of foliage crowding out the buds.

2) potassium and phosphorus nutrition are the key elements that are especially needed in high levels in flowering plants to produce the enzymes required for terpene production.

3) triacontanol. A natural fatty alcohol biostimulant extracted from beeswax which has been repeatedly proved to increase photosynthesis and yield in plants. At Indica we solubilize triacontanol without the surfactants and solvents found in other products (ethanol, TWEEN, petroleum etc) that are toxic to your plants.

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