Indica - Stem Strength

Size: 250ml


STEM STRENGTH is a potassium silicate supplement that provides the optimum level of silicon to strengthen cell walls, while at the same time ensuring that you do not suffer from excess potassium in your grow. It produces sturdy, resilient crops by incorporating Stem Strength into your growing regime.

STEM Strengthsupplies silicon to build strength within the plant stem and leaf cell structure. Silicon is an extremely beneficial mineral element not found in base nutrients (as it will precipitate out), or in rockwool and coco. As such, for optimum plant health additional silicon needs to be added as directed.

Using STEM STRENGTH will improve your crop in FOUR specific ways;

  1. Increased canopy strength as silicon reinforces the cellulose in cell walls. This results in better interception of light and greater photosynthesis as leaves have the structural rigidity to be positioned at the optimum angle to absorb the light.
  2. Resistance to environmental stresses, including drought, heat, cold, ozone, salinity, mineral toxicity/deficiency. Silicon enforced cell walls can resist the damage that would otherwise warp or burst a cell. Plus, silicon binds toxic elements neutralizing their harmful effects.
  3. Resistance to pests and pathogens; silica deposited in the cell wall and in silica ‘phytoliths’ provide a structural barrier to any pest or pathogen seeking to gain entry to the cell to feed off it.
  4. Improve flower bloom from the potassium in STEM STRENGTH.

STEM STRENGTH can also be used as an alternative to ‘pH UP’ products to raise the pH of the fertigation solution.

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