Indizono Ozone Generator

Size: 150mm/6"


Indizono Ozone Generators are a simple and effective method of controlling indoor air pollution and quality while growing plants in indoor environments such as a grow room. Ozone machines remove odours from the air, which can be encountered from pungent crops like garlic.

Available in different sizes. From 150mm producing 3500mg/hr, up to the large 315mm pushing out 10,500 mg/hr.

The Indizono range of Ozone Generators aim to satisfy small and larger scale set ups alike.

These ozone generators are very simple to install. Choose the model that matches the diameter of the air duct connecting to the extractor fan. Ensure the section of ducting between the extractor and the ozoniser is at least 3 metres in length. At the other end of the ozone generator, another section of ducting with the same diameter will be connected, which will carry the odour-free air to the exterior.

Once installed, all the air inside the crop evacuated by the extractor, will pass through the system of electrodes and ceramic plates inside the ozoniser. These plates convert oxygen atoms into ozone gas completely neutralising any aromas coming from the grow space. In extreme cases, you can run an activated carbon filter (as in industrial applications) alongside the ozone generator.

Please ensure that extracted air is directed away from anywhere humans, animals or aquatics are residing. High levels of ozone exposure is extremely dangerous and can be fatal. Ozone is a toxic gas.


  • 150mm 3,500mg/hr
  • 200mm 7000mg/hr
  • 250mm 10'500mg/hr
  • 315mm 10'500mg/hr

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