Plant Magic - Evolution 2.0

Size: 500ml


Plant Magic Evolution 2.0 is an emergency tonic packed with bio-stimulants, plant hormones, sugars, vitamins, trace elements, amino acidshumic and fulvic acids. As well as a super wetting agent, that is a new compound added to Evolution 2.0, which allows it to be sprayed when lights are on.

How it works

The bio-stimulants and plant hormones improve photosynthesis whilst the sugars stimulate growth, the trace elements and amino acids ensure growth is healthy. The fulvic and humic acids help deliver the ingredients directly into plant cells. Finally, the wetting agent, diffuses nutrients to the entire plant, penetrating deeply into the pores. After just a couple of days there will be a noticeable difference in your plant health and the speed of growth, with the lateral growth increasing dramatically. The 100% organic ingredients are perfect for preparing plants for cuttings as it prompts the plant to create healthy shoots, which can be taken as cuttings. Plants will also be able to recover quicker from drought, pest attacks, over watering, overheating and low temperatures.

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