Plant Magic - Flush Finish

Size: 1 Litre


Use Plant Magic Flush Finish to help plants rapidly use up remaining nutrients and flush out excess salts. The result is a greatly improved taste to your final crop and in some instances a better yield compared to using just water to flush with. It also features a hormones that encourages maturation so your plants can be harvested sooner

How It Works

Flushing your plant at the end of the flowering cycle is an essential process in order to get good results. Flushing removes excess salts, residues and unused nutrients which, if left behind will seriously impair the taste and quality of your final product. Flushing with water is the most commonly used method and will work well, however the rise of 'flush' additives have now seen growers get even better results.

Flushing with water essentially helps rid the medium of any excess nutrients which remain, this then triggers the plant to use up whatever is left available to it in order to continue surviving. Most growers will flush for around 1-2 weeks which will usually see the majority of residues removed but some can still remain. Using Flush Finish ensures everything is completely removed to help produce the finest of quality and taste in your crops. Unlike flushing with just water Flush Finish will actually help your plant use up the remaining nutrients within the medium, this process can help with improving your yield as nothing is wasted even in these final crucial stages. It also contains naturally occurring plant hormones that signal to the plant it is nearing the end of it's cycle and will encourage then to mature. This can help you harvest sooner and promote an improvement in quality, aroma and flavour.

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