SMSCOM Hybrid Pro Fan Speed Controller

Amp:: 4a


Hybrid Controller PRO

The Hybrid Controller PRO combines mechanical fan speed operation with the latest digital temperature sensing technology. The result is a completely silent, highly accurate twin fan temperature controller. There will be absolutely no humming or buzzing from your fans with this type of controller!!!

The Hybrid PRO has an additional programme added to its software that will control fans to remove excess humidity from the grow room during the lights off cycle. When the lights in the grow room switch off, the Hybrid PRO automatically switches to another programme that every hour, gently increases the fans speed for just long enough to remove excess humidity from the room. When the lights come back on, the Hybrid PRO switches back to its main programme.

The secondary programme can be activated or deactivated at anytime so the grower can chose to use this function at any stage of the growing cycle.

The Hybrid Controller PRO has a 5m NTC temperature probe, allowing the unit to be positioned in any convenient location.

The mechanical aspect guarantees a robust and heavy duty controller with completely silent fan speed operation. The on-board temperature control software provides faster reaction times, lower idling speeds and improved accuracy for the very best result from this type of controller.

The Hybrid Controller PRO is very easy to operate. Just connect your fans and position the probe and light sensor inside the room. Next, set the lowest speed for both fans and the required temperature. The controller will now maintain your temperature by automatically adjusting the fans between your lowest and the controller’s highest setting. Humidity during the night time can not raise up with humidity function activated.

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