T.A Dualpart Grow (GHE Duo Grow)

Size: 1 Litre


DualPart Grow by Terra Aquatica (formerly GHE's Floraduo® Grow ) is a new complete mineral fertiliser inspired by the latest research into plant nutrition.

It's unique highly-concentrated formula containis a precise mix of macro & microelements and exclusive bioactivators, specially designed for fast-growing plants whose needs change significantly in the early stages of growth and flowering.

This new line of Terra Aquatica nutrients is really easy to use and consists of two products: DualPart Grow and DualPart Bloom. To cover nutrient requirements in the growth period, simply mix three parts of DualPart Grow with one part of DualPart Bloom. Reversing these proportions to 3 parts of Bloom for 1 part of Grow, ensures all the plant's needs in the flowering period will be covered.

DualPart gives the perfect balance between growth and flowering, it's a complete fertiliser, meaning you won't need anything else to achieve better yields. It's also very easy to dose and apply, GHE recommend following the feeding schedule according to your growing system- aeroponic, hydroponic, coco or soil.

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