T.A Seaweed 1 Litre (GHE Go Seaweed)



Seaweed is a top quality organic product from T.A, formerly part of GHE. It derives from a blend seaweeds that undergo cold processing and acts as a plant and soil vitality enhancer. Seaweed is famous for being a stress reducing agent as well as a powerful plant booster. It has to deal with salt water conditions and constant baking from the sun. This means the seaweed is full of protective agents that allow it to grow in such conditions. You can now get these top quality extracts in your grow room with Seaweed!

Seaweed works with all fertilizers to help promote vigorous and healthy growth. It is also suitable for use in soil/soil-less mixes as well as coco coir. From strong root development to robust growth, Bio Weed is a great supplementary booster. Works well as a foliar spray as well as a root feed. Always be sure to shake the bottle well before use to ensure proper mixing of the contents.

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