The Source - Alluvium PK Stimulator

Size: 250ml


Alluvium by The Source is unique and highly concentrated PK Stimulator. With a balanced NPK of 0-18-20, this bloom stage bio-stimulant encourages prolific flowering and produces fruit of unrivalled taste and size.

Formulated with a rich, high purity phosphorus content, Alluvium enables your plant to draw and store more energy from light. This facilitates a productive fruiting and flowering phase in which abundant, widespread formation of fruit and flower sites occurs. Alluvium also brings the physical process of fruiting and flowering forward, giving crops longer to develop and mature.

Alluvium’s perfectly balanced potassium element rapidly intensifies and carefully manages sugar and starch production. This means that your fruits and flowers keep on swelling and blooming with flavours and colours worthy of their bountiful size. Potassium also regulates water and nutrient transit for healthy, productive, specimen plants.

Used and tested by the UK’s leading horticultural universities, this innovative stimulator produces outstanding results with all soil, coco, or hydroponically-grown plants. Alluvium has been designed to optimise the performance of AutoPot Watering Systems.

Enable your crop to reach its full potential.

Available in 5 litre, 1 litre and 250ml sizes

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