VAPR Liquid Nano Mist Spray Gun (Vaper)




Foliar applications never felt so effective with the VAPR Liquid Nano Sprayer!

Reasons we think it’s special:

  • Produces a fine mist that improves coverage and absorption
  • Ensures maximum comfort during use thanks to ergonomic design
  • Prevents the spread of mould and mildew without disturbing plants if fed during the dark period, by coming with a negative ion blue light function
  • Features a decent capacity of 300ml (especially as the solution converts to a mist)
  • Operates wirelessly, storing up to 2 hours of energy
  • Includes a rechargeable battery and a USBC cable to connect and power up
  • Works right away, straight out of the box

Improve The Effectiveness Of Your Pest And Booster Sprays 

This superb product dispenses large amounts of liquid at low pressure, transforming it into a plant-friendly fine mist for greater coverage and easier absorption.  

Enjoy A Surprising Amount Of Handy Features

Key features include an ergonomic design – ensuring maximum comfort, a negative ion blue light function that prevents the spread of mould and mildew and stops you disturbing plants if treated in the dark, and a decent capacity of 300ml (since the solution converts to a mist).

The VAPR Liquid Nano Sprayer is also wireless and ready to use straight out of the box, with a rechargeable battery and supplied USBC power cable providing up to 2 hours of energy following each full top up.

Pick Up And Spray With No Delay - It's Easy!

To achieve the best results, spray 2m from your target area to comprehensively cover it and always flush with clean water for 30 seconds after every turn to prevent clogging.

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