Yo Yo Plants Supports (BOX OF 8)



Support Heavy Fruits With an 8 Pack of Plant!t Yo-Yo's

Deep into flower, the weight of fruits can often cause branches to bend and snap. Plant!t Yo-Yos give your plants extra support for those record breaking harvests! Yo-Yos can also be used to help train your plants to your desired shape. Pulling your branches apart lets more light penetrate the lower levels.

Attach the Yo-Yos to your tent-frame or grow-room wall and then pull out the angled orange hook and clip it around the plant-stem. The gentle tension in the yo-yo will then pull the plant-stem out. Great for getting plants to open out for increased yields!


How Yo-Yo Plant Support/Trainers Work

Yo-Yo Plant!t Trainer/Supports consist of 1.5 metre long nylon lines (similar to fishing line) which are wound onto lightly sprung reels inside each yo-yo's housing. Angled hooks are attached to the end of each nylon line for clipping around a plant-stem or branch.

It should be noted that there is slightly more tension on the line at full extension than there is when only a few centimetres has been pulled out.

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